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Oh my gosh, I have fanart! This is honestly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much velociraptor! And I really hope you didn’t loose any followers. Because this is full of awesome should get you only more followers! velolciraptor:

I accidentally the gay.

For prettysemmy. Because they wrote the best crackfic ever and maybe if I keep throwing doodles in that direction I’ll get more.

(inb4 I lose all the followers I got from the Orzhova jacket pictures)

izzabellatee asked:

Where are you? Hope everything is ok. BTW used to be rache123 in case you're wondering who this is. x

Hi! Thank you so much for caring and being concerned and checking up with me. :) I am doing okay. Well, I’ve got three weeks to finish my thesis which is supposed to be 60 pages (and it’s weird to think in pages not word count, right?) so I might be freaking out about that a bit. Yikes! And also, I’m pregnant. Yay! But it does not help me get work done when I feel sick all the time. :( So even though my brain said it was a great idea to be a mother, my body definitely disagrees. Adamantly.

BUT the good news is I graduate in August and the better news is my husband and I might open a game store which I think will work so much better with my favorite hobby of writing than my current profession. So yay! Don’t give up on me yet I think I will be back and interacting and writing by the end of the summer. :)

And thank you so much for taking the time to ask, izzabellatee. ^^ I really makes me feel missed and want to work harder so I can get this work done and finally come back.

<3  Semmy


Anonymous asked:

Hello I was reading reasons part one and two. They are wonderful and I was hoping you were still working on part 3? It looks like it was a while since your last update. Thank you for your wonderful Mass Effect fics. :-) Mario w.

Hi! Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner; I try to always reply within 24 hrs. But, in answer to your question, YES, I am still working on part 3 (and 4). I kind of consider Reasons my pet story (it’s my favorite that I’ve written) so I honestly believe I WILL finish it. Problem is that I want so much out of it and I’m kind of crazy busy with trying to write my masters thesis and graduate.  So I feel really bad about making everyone wait so so long for the next parts.  :(  By the time I finally finish them, everybody might have forgotten they ever wanted them in the first place. Except, I just love these stories so much I would write them anyway, so there is that.  :)

one hell of a ride (robert/steve)

This is a fantastic present, shimmy! I love it, thank you. It’s perfect.


for prettysemmy and the mass effect holiday cheer exchange! not enough steve out there, and when prettysemmy mentioned robert/steve on the survey, i knew i had to give some robert headcanons a shot. merry day after christmas!


Steve didn’t join the other guys in the docking bay for the seventeen-hundred Skyllian Five take-five, their version of a cool-down period after a day’s hard work running full guns. Sure, it had a cute name, but there was an M29 Grizzly Steve had to look after, so he wasn’t joining in. The damn thing was single-handedly taking Alliance presence in Elysium out better than anything it’d seen during the Skyllian Blitz. First of all, calling its power cells finicky would’ve been like calling the Blitz itself a minor skirmish. And two of the wheel covers were blown out from over-rotation, rattling like an air raid whenever somebody so much as tried to gun the engine.

That Grizzly’d seen better days and Steve’s fingers were already buzzing from the shocks it kept throwing at him for getting too hands-on before the first date.

‘Well,’ Rodriguez said, ‘at least I know it’s nothing personal. That pain in the ass hates everybody, not just me.’

‘Yeah, but once you get to know me—I’m hard to hate,’ Steve replied, grinning without looking up.

He clocked out late, almost an hour after the Skyllian Five take-five was over, winnings cleared up, credits redistributed, and local Alliance brass heading out for the night to blow off steam. Like any overworked vehicle… Everybody needed maintenance.

‘C’mon, Cortez,’ Rodriguez said, shouldering his kit. ‘There’s this crazy thing called R & R—you might even wanna try it sometime. You know you’re not actually getting comped by the hour.’

‘What can I say?’ Steve held up his hands, dirty palms facing forward. ‘I love the work.’

‘Can’t marry the work, though.’ Rodriguez tossed Steve his kit and Steve caught it, square in the chest. ‘First round’s on some new guy. That’s better odds than Elysium usually sees and you know it.’

So Steve went along.


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Death by Black Hole

Hi guys. It’s been a while since I’ve been on and I’m sorry for not posting and interacting. It’s not because I don’t care about you, my friends and wonderful followers, I am just crazy busy right now with work and deadlines. I’m barely finding the time to sleep. :( Or breathe properly it seems. So please forgive me. I want to be writing and responding and appreciating the wonderful things you guys are doing, but right now I can’t. I can’t even let my brain drift to fandom for more than like, 10 seconds, my work takes full brainpower. It is a situation both dire and all consuming. So, here’s to hoping I make it through and see you soon on the other side.
With affection,

Locked and Loaded is up!

My newest story, Locked and Loaded, has been posted on AO3! Go check it out. MShenko prison AU.


Kaidan wants out of prison but he never thought it would happen like this, dragged out by a man he’s never met and who, Kaidan has really good reason to believe, is certifiably insane.

Also, apparently, the guy has a lot of pent up energy.

Hope you like it and as always, I love comments and constructive criticism, so don’t be shy. Let me know what you think.

On another note, I just surpassed 100,000 words on AO3! I have posted a sum of 107417 words! Isn’t that awesome?


Anonymous asked:

Hi there, it's your Holiday Harby here! What's the best present you've ever been given? Do you have any headcanons about Robert and Steve? Will you mind terribly being flooded with holiday cheer in the form of anon asks?

Best present ever? Um…of anything? I’m quite fond of my phone…it holds the internet and all my music, and allows communication over long distances with loved ones. That’s probably my favorite present ever. Two Christmases ago, from my husband. Unless I can count my husband? Then he’s my favorite. Or are we talking about fics? I’ve only ever gotten one gift fic. But it was awesome because shiny is awesome and so is Jack. Headcanon for Robert/Steve? —Yes! And, oh my gosh, you might write me Robert/Steve fic! *pauses to squee and jump up and down* Okay, right, so headcanons: Robert is a brunet and he’s a little taller than Steve But, even though he’s the bigger one, and is usually the top, he is totally the little spoon when it comes to cuddling. He’s a big cuddler. Robert is a total sweetheart and laid back and happy. He mellows Steve a lot. Steve was a lot more high-strung and stressed before Robert. But, sometimes Robert gets excited about something (like he just loves Steve so much!) and Steve has to worry about getting accidentally hurt. Robert’s kind of like an over-excited puppy when he’s really happy. He’s smart though. He understands Steve’s job well enough that they can talk shop together even though they don’t do the same things. He thinks Steve is really hot and sexy and cute and he tells him often. He sucks at cleaning and just lets Steve do all of that. But at least he cooks. Sometimes. Ask if you need more. Maybe ask specific questions? They can be quite fun to answer. And do I mind if you flood me with questions? Oh my gosh, NO. I LOVE questions. Ask ask ask. Please. I’m a question-aholic.

Maximizing Kaidan’s Banter - Excellent Resource



Oh hey look I found this:

This will be most helpful.

Oh! Oh that is awesome.

*bookmarks as quick as she can*

Laikabaws has done some rigorous and excellent work figuring out all the possible Kaidan banter available. This took many play-throughs and documentation. A must reblog for story resources (and play-through resources.)

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silvermittt said: askljdfldskjf Prison AU sadklfjsdkljfdskljfsd !!!!!! Can’t wait!!!

I hope it doesn’t disappoint. It has been a bit unpredictable in the creation process, so we will see. ;)

shajs said: can’t wait to read it. <3 and don’t worry about being slow, take a break, and I can give you some feedback too if you want me to.

I was totally planning on asking if you would mind beta-ing this for me. I even started the email, but then I stopped and said, ‘no, not yet semmy. you need to finish it first.’ But thank you so much for the encouragement. :)  Especially about the breaks. I am going to need that so much when I get knee deep in Reasons.

rache123 said: Just when I thought you couldn’t be any more perfect you do an MShenko prison au? I’ve been waiting for one of these for EVER! Can’t wait to read it :)

So it’s a in-the-process-of-escaping-prison AU. Does that still count? And you think I’m perfect? ^^ You are the sweetest thing ever! *hides shyly under a large floppy hat*

sylvarstar said: Can’t wait! i’m a huge fan of your writing!

Thank you sylvarstar. ^^ I really hope this one makes you happy. :)

Grr, this story. :(

I seriously think I must be the slowest writer ever. And on top of that this story I’m working on is being particularly difficult. It’s been in the works since this summer and it’s still not done. I shake my fist at you story. ;; And you know that point where you aren’t even sure if it’s any good anymore because you’ve read it so many times? Well, I’m hitting that point for the second time. At least it’s really close to being done. I just hope I don’t have to step away from it again for a month to be able to actually read it. :( But, um, here’s to hoping I’ll have another story out for you guys to read on AO3 soon. It’s called Locked and Loaded and it’s an MShenko prison AU.

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